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“Linda- Thank you so much for your quick response :) I just want to say that not only is your product awesome, but you and your company are a pleasure to do business with!

I am looking forward to getting my Tamanu oil!

 Thank you”

P.S. I absolutely LOVE your product...your Tamanu Oil is the best scar-removal product I've ever tried!

Carla Anderson

“My oldest is 21 and so are my 21 year old stretch marks but thanks to Tamanu Oil they are almost gone. I love it.   I will have to place another order in the New Year.  Also, you’re right, I guess I didn't fully understand all the benefits of the Tamanu Butter. That's why I am sold out of Tamanu Oil and the Tamanu Oil Soap. I myself have been using just the Tamanu oil on my stretch marks but since I switched to the Tamanu butter the results are ...... well let’s just say they’re almost gone.”

Orianna, UK

“Good to hear that you export Tamanu Oil to Europe as well. This product is not so familiar in our country, but that's very positive as we think your Vanuatu Tamanu Oil is a very good product to complete our product range. We always work in health and try to help people by finding the best quality products for health. Your Tamanu Oil is one such product that works effectively as a natural acne treatment, is great for preventing acne scars and even reducing the appearance and size of any existing acne scarring. It’s hard to believe that an oil can fix acne but you better believe it. Please send me your bulk pricing as soon as you can.”

Collet, The Netherlands


I have a Volcanic Earth Natural Skin Care Facial Night Cream 4.5oz.  It also says on the label very gentle, suitable for all skin types from oily, dry to very sensitive skin.    It was given to me as a gift and I absolutely love it.

I was wanting to know how I can get some more of this night cream.  I would also like to try some of the other products too.

Is there anywhere in New Zealand that stocks your products?  I live in Wellington, NZ.

I look forward to hearing back from you” J

Barbara Hanrahan, Upper Hutt, New Zealand